Since 2 November 2012, has become part of the company Synthesis of Technology, s.l. (Syntech)

The objective of this acquisition is to maintain the machines and the clients and to become part of Synthesis of Technology, s.l. Maintaining installed and running the machines of the brand INPROPACK, supplying spare parts, attending incoming calls and providing the necessary technical assistance from SYNTECH.

INPROPACK is an engineering company that works since 1982, with Spanish capital, in design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of all the business lines in the field of process automation in line ends with a wide range of machinery with self patent and manufacturing.

PROPACK is installed in almost every sector of the Spanish industry. It has currently more than 1600 working installations all over the Spanish geography. They constitute the main guarantee of the excellent operation of our products.



"Ingeniería y Proyectos del Empaquetado", commercially known as INPROPACK, was founded in 1982.

INPROPACK evolution was slowly but surely for the first 5 years. In 1987 the definitive takeoff of the company took place, because of the fact of the greater knowledge and confidence of its mark in the market.

The identity signs of INPROPACK from its foundation were quality, technology and reliability, giving a great importance to the aftermarket service and trying to maintain a reasonable price.

In such a peculiar and specific sector of the market, to give to the customer a trustworthy service of postsale and maintenance is almost as important as the sale itself.

INPROPACK staff has currently around 52 employees and 12 workshops, working indirectly, with a staff of 120 people.

It is installed in a 3500 square meters and it has a piece of land of almost 7800 square meters in Fuenlabrada (Madrid). INPROPACK can now affirm with pride that is one of the leaders in the sector.

Differentiation elements

Our main difference in relation to our rivals is that we work with models registrated as self patent, so we are obliged to have a renewed and continual overcoming effort.

Our final aim is to draw up integrated logistics of installations according with our customers' needs of production.

For an engineering company like INPROPACK, manufacturing and selling our products is a very difficult process where customers are treated individually.
INPROPACK products are adapted to customers' needs, so customers don't have to adapt themselves to product's features.

A dynamic organization is needed to develop this process, an organization able to answer customers' requests at the right moment.

INPROPACK meets those features with a highest involvement of all its departments in the complete process, trying to give appropriate solutions in an appropriate period.

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Inpropack instalaciones
Inpropack instalaciones

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