Maintenance installations

INPROPACK designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes maintenance installations, both as part of an installation complemented with operating and palletizing robots and in an individualized way, with maintenance by means of roller tracks, chain conveyors, roller-chain mixed tracks, turntables, paddle conveyors, pin joint conveyors, band conveyors, modular mesh conveyors, etc. Also by means of installations that include bunching device, pallets labeling systems and a wide range of transfer carriages.

Installations with belt conveyor synchronizing several machines, as choppers or gumming machines. Special for Graphic Arts industries. Pallet Centering Automatic Device. Automatic installation to bunch pallets with transfer carriages and shrinkage furnaces with infrared oscillating screens system.
Automatic installations for pallets, including batteries, with roller-chain mixed tracks and automatic lifting of chains over rollers.
  SPIRO ROLLER spiral conveyors represent a new concept in vertical transport for heavy loads, saving space and permitting to transport loads upward and downward in a continuous operation, acting like an efficient and dynamic space regulator.  



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Inpropack instalaciones
Inpropack instalaciones
Inpropack instalaciones

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